SCOPE: UX design, prototyping and art direction for early conceptual thinking and product definition for experiences across Amazon Glow. As the product developed, I lead the creative aspects of ramping up game design focusing on defining visual style and tone for a series of classic games. From there, I took on the Associate Creative Director role for all creative arts, reading, music, and movement based activities.
ROLE: Associate Creative Director, Creative Arts and Reading Experiences
Connected Experiences on Glow
Real-time Drawing
The Glow drawing experience is unique to the platform and designed to replicate the simple activity of drawing next to each other - even when apart. 
Interactive Reading
The reading and Animated Story development as part of the core Glow experience. 
Animated Stories
Art Director for a series of interactive stories including a content partnership with Disney and an original story “My Super Space Adventure”. 
Classic Games
Creative Art Director for the classic games developed for Glow 
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