As Associate Creative Director I worked with a team to imagine the possibilities for what the core reading experience for Amazon Glow could be. Launched to the public in 2022, Reading quickly became a beloved activity for our customers - adults and children alike.
In early development stages, I lead the art direction for discovery and ideation phases for overall the reading experience including storyboards, visual development, and art direction for user research prototypes. As the product continue to develop, I lead creative and interactive design of the reading experience and worked with development team for front-end implementation of the user interface. 
Associate Creative Director
Amazon Glow / Amazon Grand Challenge
Animated Stories
Disney  + Amazon Glow
As parIn partnership with Disney, we worked together to develop a series of five interactive animated storybooks. Throughout the book, tappable elements that triggered animated moments across both the projected space and device screen. The resulting animated books leveraged the reading experience then blended video and animated elements maintaining familiarity across reading experiences.
My Super Space Adventure
Building on the success of the Disney animated stories, the Amazon Glow activities team partnered with developer Floor84 to create an original illustrated story exclusively available on the Glow platform called "My Super Space Adventure". Throughout the book, tappable objects or characters are highlighted and each one has a motion based interaction for kids to discover while reading. At launch and continuing on, this book remained a popular book with customers with repeat visits.
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