The creative arts experiences on Amazon Glow have been a source of delight for customers and a major driver of connection between caregivers and children. Drawing activities on the device are unique to the platform and designed to replicate the simple activity of drawing next to each other - even when apart. Simple tools and fun add-ons such as stickers and an eraser that looks and sounds like a vacuum cleaner. Overall the core drawing activity has been consistently in the top interactions on the device and the technological aspect of object scanning often called out as an innovative aspect of the creative experience.
Associate Creative Director
Amazon Glow / Amazon Grand Challenge
Art Packs
At the heart of the Amazon Glow creative arts experiences are groups of prompt led creative activities - Art Packs - which evolved from the findings that not all customers, either adults or children, were naturally comfortable drawing or playing in freeform creative way. Art Packs which include fun drawing prompts, stickers, and activities developed around a theme. 
I lead the creative direction and product launch for art packs and integration of third-party licensed content from Disney, Mattel, and Nickelodeon. 
Object Scanning
Using the projection and camera technologies of Amazon Glow a feature was developed to allow everyday objects to be scanned and used as images within drawings. As Associate Creative Director I collaborated with our produce and design team to conceptualize scanning as a feature with the leadership approval resulting int he development and integration of the chosen creative concept into the Glow device.
Art Gallery
Every element of Amazon Glow was designed to capture the fun and imagination of both children and adults which increased engagement and connection with users. One example of this is a simple interaction to delete an image from the gallery where users would drag the image to the trashcan which would chew the image up and BURP! 
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